Injectables like Botox and fillers are amazing aesthetic tools, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that a proper skincare regimen is technically more important when it comes to keeping your skin looking its best.

We’ve noticed, and maybe you have to, that there’s a mindset where people think they can get good skin simply by heading to the Medspa and getting a few units injected here and there. The real truth is that a proper skincare routine – and making good lifestyle decisions – is actually way more important when it comes to taking care of your body’s largest organ, your skin. Seriously. Botox just isn’t going to cut it if you aren’t consistent with SPF, retinol, and sleep.

We asked skincare pros to help break down the reasons why skincare is so important, what steps are non-negotiable, and how to strike the perfect balance between medical aesthetics (if you want to dabble) and a daily regimen. Become a master at this and your skin will be goals AF.

Skincare is the external food for your skin. Having a proper regimen can help this organ do its job better and preserve it longer. Beautiful skin is a lifelong process, but by taking the time to build a daily skincare routine today you’ll ultimately save time and money later down the road since it helps prevent skin issues as a result of neglect.

The primary issues we hear about are ones you’re probably quite familiar with, including skin cancer, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, volume loss, dryness, and laxity. Therefore, the primary things you need to focus on are:

  • sun protection
  • collagen production
  • general texture refinement
  • hydration

A routine that promotes sun protection will go a long way for you as you age because it will decrease the prominence and pervasiveness of fine line and wrinkles. Water loss, which is heightened during the evening and as you grow older, results in dryness and loss of supple, firm skin. To combat this, it’s best to incorporate products that act as humectants [moisturizer delivers major moisture] or include ingredients such as ceramides, which help promote water retention and keep skin looking fresh and youthful.

What you do right now is super important to the health and beauty of your skin in the years to come. And while injections can help with things like creating more symmetry, adding strategic volume, or nixing some fine lines and wrinkles, they’re not going to help protect you from things like sun damage (including cancer, hyperpigmentation, collagen loss, and deep wrinkles), texture issues, or acne breakouts.

If we had to choose between one, we would opt for skincare EVERY time!

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