At BLU Medspa, we pride ourselves in providing quality care for our clients as well as offering competitive pricing. Our philosophy guides us to believe that “If you want cheaper prices, go to Groupon. If you are looking to be treated with specialty care and love your results, then we are the medspa for you.”

We want our clients to protect their investment after they have services done, which is why we recommend post procedure products and long-term skincare.

top view of skin care products and exfoliant brush laid out on table

First of all, quality skincare matters. Although drugstore skincare products are affordable, they are limited in effectiveness. Not one person’s skin is the same as another person’s so it is important to go with products that can be tailored as much as possible to target any skin issues you may have.  And you want products that effectively reach the cells they’re meant to reach. Investing in premium or high-quality skincare means the effort you put into maintaining your skin, will actually mean something in your 40s, 50s and beyond.

Our skin acts as a barrier against infection and dehydration. Keeping our skin healthy, ensures that our skin, or the barrier, is kept strong and holds its moisture. When our skin is dry, or basic products are used on the skin, this can cause the barrier to become cracked, dry and dull. When our skin is not taken well care of, this can make our bodies more susceptible to infection and the complications of aging. In addition, using harsh cleansers on our skin can affect many things like laxity of our skin, moisture, and fullness which all helps in defense against infection and aging.

The main differences in high quality skin care and generic skin care brands that you would find at any drugstore or department store are the ingredients used and the testing that takes place. Although drugstore brands contain some good ingredients, they do not have premium ingredients meant to target specific problems in high enough concentrations to warrant their price.

We know investing in yourself pays off, so save your pennies elsewhere and pay for the best for your body and skin.